Studio time

Gemstar Pro has built its reputation providing the independent artist the highest level of accuracy in these 3 essential categories:

VOCAL RECORDING - You will record into the absolute best mics and gear available. Your performance will be respected and encouraged with constructive input to help capture the best performance.

MIXING - Creative mixing and effects will be provided to give your song the character and clarity it deserves. And much of the mixing is done while you record to save on studio time

EDITING - Splicing vocal takes together, rearranging song sections, and creative chopping is done with ease, ensuring your session will move at an efficient pace.

Studio Time Pricing


Mastering is the final step in helping your project have power and balance from one song to the next. A delicate balance is walked in order to create a strong, clear, and dynamic sound. You will be provided with all the files you need for release on CD, mp3, and "mastered for iTunes".

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Clean Edits

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